The  “TAYLOR & SANTOS” project (completed in 2014) was a mixed media art production generated with Berlin based painter, photographer and sculptor Zed Taylor. Taylor described the project, entitled WRAITH as “surreal abstract landscapes”. I view it as a meeting of materials and cosmology. Taylor’s palette is dense, his work is solid with texture and patina. My photography is more ephemeral and diffuse. The primary innovation of our one off triptych was the contrast between apparently ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ materials (paint, photographic paper, wood and metal) and a central imagery strip which pivoted to create an alternative central panel.  The idea of a fixed reality is subverted by the ability to physically change the composition. It is an artwork which invites touch, participation and play



Gary Bigeni applied my Landscape photography to his collection for Spring/Summer 2014 and forthcoming pieces for 2015. The collaboration created an illusion of compressed spatial form onto concentrated planes of the body. Spectral graduating colour and shadow locked well into the minimal sculpted forms of Bigeni’s work. 


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